SPIRIT OF FOOTBALL and IBRACHINA ARENA, a sports, educational and entertainment space located in the Mooca neighborhood in São Paulo, carry out Soccer & Studies. This pioneering social project in the capital of São Paulo promotes human development and sports skills.


The objective of this partnership is the social and educational transformation through football in the communities served. The project benefits young people in situations of social vulnerability and offers the opportunity for personal development with a multidisciplinary team. The method that addresses sport, education and entrepreneurship has already transformed the lives of many people.



MADE IN BRASIL SPORTS also has a partnership with BRAZIL PROFESSIONAL SOCCER SCHOOL, a soccer school based in LOS ANGELES - CALIFORNIA, which has the educational mission to prepare the athlete to think, understand, act and react to different moments of the game. They hold football clinics in the USA, Brazil and Europe. Teachers are well trained and highly skilled, emphasize goal keeping, defensive and offensive football skills through training and experiences.


CERTIFY that they are partners and work together in the football field.

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